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grain elevators and binsWhether you are a farmer, a commercial grain elevators operator or a contractor, your needs are the same – proven solutions from a partner you can depend on. Increase your productivity and profitability with industry-leading solutions from Loiseau Welding & Millwright. The quality of product is only matched by our commitment to stand behind them.

From the initial site analysis to developing your custom grain elevators storage plan to final completion of the project, Loiseau Welding & Millwright’s established dealer and contractor network is with you every step of the way, committed to supporting you and your operation’s growth. As you continue to grow, Loiseau Welding & Millwright grows with you. From your 1,000-bushel bins all the way up to 1.2 million bushels, our full line of grain bins and accessories are customized to fit your needs and maximize your profitability.

The demands of farming are never ending. The grain elevatorsrisks are high. You need grain system solutions that maximize productivity and minimize downtime. We are driven to provide top-of-the-line products that will protect, condition and move the grain you work so hard to produce. And we are committed to supporting you and your operation’s growth every step of the way.

grain elevatorsWhen planning an on-farm grain storage system, one of the most important steps is taking into account location, accessibility and future expansion. You should always assume there will be growth in yield and bushels and that means that having a well-thought out plan that factors in growth and future technology changes is key. When choosing a location for your grain elevators system, access to easy travel routes is essential. In an ideal situation, your system would be located right off a state highway, with access to natural gas and three phase power and still in close proximity to your fields.

When building your farm system, always make sure you have a well thought out plan anticipating growth and future technology changes. Count on Loiseau Welding & Millwright to help you create that plan.